Keats & Kulture

September to October 2021 at Guildhall Art Gallery, London EC2V 5AE
This is a proposed exhibition to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the death of John Keats, the poet. It will explore cultural diversity through time, engaging school children from the City of London in drama, role play and creative writing, brought to life through interactive workshops, all to celebrate the odes and letters of John Keats, keeping his legacy alive. 
For the first time, contemporary African art will be exhibited alongside the Guildhall Art Gallery’s world class Victorian collection. Seven artists from Africa are set to take part. Two of them will embark on a short residence at the gallery where they will install a few pieces, the centre piece being a 3 metre high portrait of John Keats made from recycled clay pieces. Children will participate in the exhibition by attending workshops and engaging in creative writing expressed directly on the clay pieces. These will then be used to create the 3D hanging portrait installation.
The two key artists are – Ngozi Omeje & Tejuoso Olanrewaju. Click on their names to view their profiles. Other artists to be confirmed soon. 
A number of participating children are also set to take part in a ‘Fishing for Plastics’ environmental expedition with the charity Hubbub in a bid to recover waste from the Thames that will be used by artist Tejuoso to recreate a chosen piece from the Guildhall collection using fished plastics. 
Seven primary schools have already expressed an interest to take part. These are; Prior Weston, The Aldgate School, St. Peter & St. Paul Catholic Primary School, City of London School for Girls, City of London School for Boys, The Lyceum Preparatory School and Richard Cloudesley school for disabled children. 
The aim is to encourage an active dialogue between the art, schools and visitors to the Gallery – all themed on the memory and legacy of John Keats.