Kambani Arts is a UK registered company limited by guarantee. Company no. 5485846

Kambani Arts was registered with Companies House, UK in 2005 as a not-for-profit organisation. Its primary function is to promote the arts. It  is governed by a director, secretary and board of trustees.

Chima Ezeilo – Director

Chima is the director of Kambani Arts. He is an architect, housing specialist, art promoter and film maker whose focus is to give a voice to the voiceless.

Nneka Worrell – Secretary

Nneka is a graduate in accounting and works within the financial services division in the higher education sector in the UK.

Tunde Grillo – Trustee

Tunde is an avid art lover, keen on clear and concise charity governance. He helps with transparency and compliance in our operations.

Trevor Krueger – Trustee

Trevor is a playwright, song writer, author, visual media designer and founder of Equal Ability Radio “Big Ear”. He has been a Kambani Arts trustee for 15 years.

Emma Nsugbe – Trustee

Emma is an artist and architect, her passion rooted in African art. She works as a senior project architect at Hopkins Architects in London.

Kelechi Anyanwu – Trustee

Kelechi is an ear, nose and throat surgeon. He is meticulous, both in his job and with fiscal oversight. He is a lover of contemporary art.

Patrick Ogbogu

Patrick is a project manager and runs a youth sports charity in London. His focus is on engaging communities in healthy living. He also loves the arts.