Dreams From My Village

Dreams From My Village is the remarkable story of John Cross Omeke, a 13 year old Nigerian public sector schoolboy. He took part in a national art exhibition tour in Nigeria, beating over 500 children to earn a life changing prize – an invitation from Buckingham Palace to a private viewing of  the works of Ben Enwonwu.
HM Queen Elizabeth sat for Ben Enwonwu in 1957 for a sculpture portrait and a number of his works are in the Royal Collection. These works were brought specially to Buckingham Palace for John Cross as part of his remarkable prize.
To find out more about the national touring art project highlighted in the documentary, follow this link

And he Gave Himself to It

And He Gave Himself To It is a short sketch by Tejuoso Olanrewaju, an artist on a mission to highlight the impact that environmental degradation is having on the worlds environment.
He is an advocate of Waste to Wealth Art, a new art movement using waste to create art. His message of waste recycling is more challenging as it is being preached to an African audience detached from the reality of the environmental agenda.
This doesn’t deter him. He has preached this message far and wide and is determined to spread the gospel of Waste to Wealth to all corners of the globe. 

Voices of the Unheard

Voices of the Unheard is a documentary exploring contemporary art from new, young African artists. It follows Kambani Arts on its multi-city Expressions art tour of Nigeria in 2006, highlighting a diversity of artistic talent from all corners of the country. It also showcases a number of international exhibitions that Kambani has organised to promote artists and get their voices heard. 
The documentary presents a truly culturally rich Nigeria and highlights Kambani’s mission to engage children and young people in creative arts and writing projects.
Follow this link to find out more about Kambani’s Expressions art tours.