Kambani Arts Buying Guide

Kambani Arts is a not-for-profit organisation. We promote visual arts and artists but do not profit from the sale of art work. We link buyers and artists together and help mediate reasonable sale prices in line with A-N guidelines (for new artists) or in line with the artists prolificity and provenance. Although we do not take a commission on sales, we welcome a donation in kind from artists but this is not a requirement of sale. Donations may be for any amount, up to acceptable commission margins (currently up to 50% of value). All donations support Kambani’s organisational development.

Steps to Purchase

Anyone can purchase art from the Kambani Arts website. The process starts with a query via our contact section. The prospective buyer must specify which art piece/s they are interested in. They must provide their name and contact details, including a telephone number and email address. Kambani Arts will contact them to commence the negotiation process. We will place them in direct contact with the artist and will mediate to enable the best price for the artist.

Silent Auction

Kambani plans to introduce a Silent Auction feature. This will enable buyers to purchase art through silent bids over a pre-agreed period of time. Art work entered for silent auction will be restricted from private purchase. The website will be updated when this feature is available.

NFT Marketplace

Kambani Arts has commenced the process of building an NFT marketplace to help artists. The Metaverse is creating an exciting environment for artists. Find out more here.