Kambani Arts was founded in 2005. This was in response to the Art’s Councils Africa 05 programme, the largest season of African Arts events ever hosted in the UK.
The focus was on acclaimed artists but Kambani wanted to tell stories from the voice of the unheard, those not in the public eye. By providing them a platform, Kambani strived to help guide artists from the unheard to the acclaimed. 
Over the years, Kambani has evolved this theme to embrace and empower young people and children in creating and complementing art. At its core is a focus for bringing out the diversity in children, enabling alternative forms of artistic expression to help them share and celebrate their diversity.
One key focus area is creative writing. Children’s words  convey innocence, meaning and emotion often lacking in adults. Children’s creative writing has become a core feature in Kambani’s exhibition projects.