Film2Life – From The Bottom Up

July 2023 – May 2024

From The Bottom Up is a Film2Life, film making project which will empower young homeless participants to produce a short film depicting their interwoven journeys on the homelessness circuit. Residents of a Single Homeless Project (SHP) supported hostel in Lewisham have come together to tell their stories through film in a bid to encourage young people to embrace their experiences and use them to inspire others.

The project aims to help raise voices against anti-social-behaviour trends that lead to lives of crime; a problem that is endemic in the UK today. Learning will be inspired by young participants through the focus of their story.

The emphasis is to observe lives from the bottom up; following their journeys of challenge like substance misuse; mental ill health; crime and incarceration. Our last Film2Life project (Enough) was funded by the Community Fund and was featured by the Diana Award.

The project idea came from consultations with young tenants of an SHP hostel in Lewisham. They will develop the script through a series of interactive workshops. This will be followed by scene planning and storyboarding, then shooting, editing and movie production. The overriding focus is to use music as a motivator for the key protagonist. Progress will be updated on the website.