Innocent Chikezie

Innocent Chikezie is an artist who harnesses the beauty of colours to create a certain brilliance in his work that portrays the graceful ambience of the African culture.
Using his dexterity and ability to blend colours, he recreates the dynamic of rural life against a backdrop of indigenous African landscapes.
But it wasn’t until he left Nigeria for the UK, that he had a dramatic culture shock. The resulting nostalgia empowered him to find solice in traditional paintings that embodied the essence of his native land. He earned a MA in Fine Arts from the School of Art and Design, Nottingham Trent University, UK.
Chikezie’s works have been featured in exhibitions in Nottingham City Council and earned features in the Nottingham newspaper. He has also been interviewed by BBC Nottingham radio, after which some UK magazine companies began publishing his paintings in their catalogues.
His paintings express a profound appreciation for his ancestral roots. They are greatly influenced by a desire to showcase African culture, beauty and lifestyle in immersive scenes captured on canvas using acrylics and oil.
Chikezie lives in Nigeria and his artwork has been exhibited in a number of art galleries. He is also a member of various art societies like: the Portrait Society of America, SAA Britain, and Society of Nigerian Artists.
His dream is to showcase the elegance of African heritage in art exhibitions around the world.