Pair A Picture

Pair A Picture was an exhibition of African art and children’s creative writing that took place at Guildhall Art Gallery, London in 2006. It was sponsored by Barclays Bank with support in kind from City of London.
Three schools took part in a creative writing experience; Grazebrook Primary School, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Secondary School for girls and Richard Cloudesley School for disabled children. The children’s task – to pair a picture from the classic Guildhall collection with a picture from Kambani’s African collection and tell a story that connects them together. Outcomes were quite amazing. It was especially empowering to witness some of the challenged children from Richard Cloudesley embrace the process with such zeal. This was achieved thanks to the special help from acclaimed children’s facilitator Olusola Oyeleye. She helped bring their work to life through immersive drama and role play workshops. A short clip from the exhibition can be seen here .