Expressions by SAHA

Expressions by SAHA was a month long art exhibition organised by Kambani Arts in partnership with the Salvation Army and their national Housing Association.
The exhibition took place in Gallery 101, next to Tate Modern and St Paul’s Cathedral and attracted UK-wide participation from a host of diverse artists ranging in age from teenagers to pensioners. The inspiration for the exhibition was a 94 year old SAHA tenant from Bournemouth.
Children took part in mini workshops, painting their feelings on stones which were then included in a special installation feature by one of the artists.  
Putting the exhibition together was challenging, requiring an implementation team from across the UK. The curating process was one that entailed extensive travel and selfless listening. There was far more artwork submitted than could be exhibited and this created a unique challenge. In the end, decisions were made in line with maximum limits imposed for all and artists given the choice of expressing their more unique stories in the exhibited pieces.
The result was quite spectacular with the right blend of diversity brought into full focus as represented on the catalogue cover image.