Bukkie Dos Santos        

Bukkie Dos Santos is an award winning freelance photographer and long time supporter of Kambani.

Her practice covers fashion, editorial, portrait and documentary photography. Bukkie has had works published extensively across Europe and Africa with a number of her works featured on the Kambani website. As an artist she likes to lead the viewer through the maze of her visual mind, giving the opportunity to form an individual idea of the subject regardless of occasion or context.

She also believes that we are obligated to record events around us that constitute everyday life, to tell the story of our times not just for this generation but also for the next.

She has always been interested in culture and cultural diversity. “Paying particular attention to our rituals as individuals and as communities, I believe that man defines himself by ritual”. It is this line of thinking that has strengthened her interest in documentary photography, which is the area of photography that features in most of her current work. Her work also features in Kambani’s documentary “Voices of the Unheard”.

She has started to build bodies of work around the theme of cultural diversity. In doing this she has come to realise the influences that culture has had on her. This has prompted her to start researching her roots and tracing her past, to recognise and understand the 'rituals' that have made her who she is. This research has taken her back to Nigeria where she spent her teenage years.

This has also opened up a means for her to explore cultural diversity around the world.

You can find more information about Bukkies work via her website.

Tel: 07960 802 533
E-mail: bukkie@570media.co.uk

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